Reconstruction and the Usurpation of the Constitutional Government of the USA

Introduction: Reconstruction was more successful across the States and territories of the northern regions of the USA due to abandonment of Christianity by the northeastern States and the general weakening of orthodox Christian beliefs and practices in the remaining churches binary options indicators. Transcendentalism and other fanciful rationalistic diversions destroyed their previous Christian foundation of political thought and life. Without this to guide them they became more open to the deleterious effects of spiritual and political heresies and apostasy, especially in the northeastern States that created every kind of political, social and “spiritual” whim that momentarily crosses the minds of secularists.

AT THE TIME of The War to Prevent Southern Independence Democrats overwhelmingly supported Southern secession and the resistance of the CSA to the invasion and devastation of the country by the USA. Today there is rarely a Democrat that supports the concept of secession or resistance to the government of the USA. Reconstruction, the indoctrination to the New USA Order, involved not just the previous States and territories of the CSA but all of the USA.

The newly victorious political order heavily influenced by totalitarian socialist principles was established by the complete usurpation of the guiding principles of the Constitution of the USA. Therefore, all of the non-compliant portions of the northern States were included along with the resisting States of the USA in the massive efforts of indoctrination, meaning reconstruction (brainwashing), to the New (Yankee) Political Order and totalitarian control.

Today, most people in the previous Democrat northern States that had opposed Lincoln’s war against the CSA sincerely believe that their ancestors were in full support of the subjugation of the people of the CSA. They are taught nothing about the true nature, proportions and heart of the northern Copperheads that resisted Lincoln and his war and in many cases strongly supported Southern resistance. Southerners call this brainwashing the “Yankeefication of the USA.” The Southern view of the war is accurate as far as it went.

But now it needs to be expanded to understand the universal nature of “Yankee Centralized Reconstructionism”, and to begin to see the war as affecting the rule of the northern States as much as the rule of the Southern States. This war easily fits into the category of what can be called an “Executive Military Coup” pulled off by Lincoln and the Radical Republicans in which all the people USA and the CSA saw their land of freedom and liberty fall to the insurgent centralizing forces of elitist totalitarianism and fascism.

Nearly every northerner who learns of this aspect of the war and reconstruction of the northern people following the war take pride in their States resistance to the centralizing processes of the New England /”yankee” Radical Republicans. This reconsideration was blocked by propagandistic nationalism following World Wars I and II. But now viewing the damage to freedom and liberty cause by that centralization they are more receptive to a reconsideration of how the USA has gotten to where it is today. Our door of opportunity is open. Northerners are coming to the place that they seriously question what the USA has become and are willing to take a more objective look at the war and the radical centralization that followed and take a more objective look at Lincoln’s Administration. Many are already begining to understand the totalitarian nature of the centralization of the government of the USA.

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